A Duchess Date

Wimbledon is largely considered to be the British tennis event of the year. It is unique in that tennis professionals from all over the world have to come and compete on lawn courts rather than the typical clay or cement. It takes knowing the terrain and playing well on it to succeed which is why stars like Roger Federer have continued to reign supreme. The royals have been longtime Wimbledon fans and are often seen in attendance but the presence of two duchesses is what got the most interest this past weekend.

A Rumored Feud
For the last few months, it had been rumored that Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton were not on speaking terms. There were a number of reports that the two had had a falling out during Meghan’s wedding and then once more once she was a full member of the royal family. The cause remains unclear but it would appear that these two duchesses decided to put all of those rumors to rest. Kate, Meghan, and Kate’s sister, Pippa all attended the Ladies Single Final which saw Simona Halep beat Meghan’s close friend Serena Williams.
A Duchess Date

As all eyes were on the match and on Meghan and Kate, it appeared that the two did not seem to have any dislike for one another. On the contrary, Meghan and Kate were seen routinely whispering to each other and laughing over inside jokes as they watched the match. Pippa was even seated on the outside with Meghan in the middle next to Kate. There was no animosity between the two and if there had been it seems unlikely they would have decided to be seen in public together where they would have to both put their best-acting faces on for the crowd. This was not the first event that the two had been seen at together since the birth of Meghan’s son, Archie either.
A Duchess Date

A Polo Match
Prince Harry and William participated in a charity polo match where both Meghan and Kate brought their children and spent time together with their new cousin. The media has continued to try and spark intrigue by saying that they are only smiling when cameras are around but it appears that Meghan and Kate are actually just family and possibly friends. We’re happy to see that these two are getting on famously rather than feuding and we’re sure their husbands are happy about it too.