Aerial Yoga – Your New Favourite Hobby

We all wish we had that perfect summer body that we see on billboards and in magazines, but we don’t all love working out. Although a gorgeous body certainly depends on both nutrition and exercise, don’t you want to love your workout? Enter Aerial Yoga. You’ll have so much fun flying that you’re likely to forget that it’s exercise. Meditate and have fun while you’re getting toned. 

What Is Aerial Yoga?

Also known as silks, aerial yoga is a combination of dancing, pilates, and yoga in the air. You can install the silk hammock on any sturdy ceiling, and when done correctly, it can support up to 1000 pounds weight.

Novice Friendly

Anyone who’s walked into a beginner class thinking there’s no way they can do this will tell you that it requires no prior experience. It’s reasonably easy to get the hang of things, and once you have, you’ll be flying around.

A Great Ab Workout

When you’re in the silks, you’ll continuously engage your core, as you no longer have stable support. Not only is this a fantastic ab workout, but yoga is known to increase muscle strength and flexibility and boosts endurance. Another benefit is that it improves your heart health, lungs, and blood vessels.

The Fun Factor

Being suspended in mid-air allows you to try gymnastic style tricks that you wouldn’t usually attempt. Imagine being able to do flips and jumps without years of practice; that will surely keep you coming back.

Master Yoga Poses

Some yoga poses take forever to master if you manage to. When you have the support of the silk hammock and the floor isn’t getting in your way, certain poses become more comfortable to achieve. Consider a forearm stand or a headstand where you’d usually practice against a wall. Now you can wrap the silks and conquer those problematic inversions and get all the benefits. 

Low Or No Impact

Another benefit of aerial yoga is the lack of impact. Now you can’t use the excuse of impact on your joints anymore. Silks are excellent for people who have knee injuries or are overweight and struggle with joint pains.

Cardio Workout

ACE studied random women from different demographics to determine the impact of this workout. The researchers found that muscle mass increased, and fat mass decreased, which means that aerial yoga builds strength. The calories burnt in a 50-minute session can be compared to power walking.


One of the best reasons for doing this is probably relaxation. Meditating in the air means you get to calm down while getting a great workout in and feeling great overall. Join a class, and you’ll be flying soon.