The Age Old Debate: Apple Vs. PC

If you have been a diehard Mac or PC user for years then you will know that it is difficult to make the move from one to the other. If you are in business or computer programming then PC’s seem to be the way to go but if you love the intuitiveness of the operating system on a Mac then you will know switching to a PC can be a form of torture. Let’s take a look at some of the arguments for each one. It might be time to consider using both, and here’s why.

The Mac OS
The operating system within Apple products is literally one of a kind. All Apple products contain it and its updates which has built-in protection meaning you don’t need to buy additional virus and hacking protection gear. As well, the OS is constantly being updated to include new features which mean that older products will be able to use the latest technologies. But the major problem here is the fact that Apple holds a monopoly over all of this. They have their sleekly designed products which are pleasing to any eye, advanced tablet technology, and smartphones but all of this means that they drive the price market. People will pay whatever they ask because if they don’t they can’t get the product or a similar one from another competitor because simply put there isn’t one. They even have their own charging ports that are different from all other Android devices.
The Age Old Debate: Apple Vs. PC

The PC
For the most part, all PC’s run some version of Microsoft’s operating system. This means that the same strict quality control that Apple has been able to employ by only having its OS used within Apple systems is not the same for the PC world. There are hundreds of manufacturers who make laptops, tablets, and phones that use the Android system and the Microsoft system. But because not all companies are made equally, nor are the products it means that you will have to search for the manufacturer that offers the specific features you are looking for in terms of functionality.
The Age Old Debate: Apple Vs. PC

The End Result
We think that Apple and PC making companies like Lenovo and Toshiba definitely make some superior machines but it really depends on what you want to use them for. Apple computers are amazing but if you are using them for a lot of business related things like coding then it might be better to go with a PC. The Surface Pro tablet is also a great choice for those needing one for business as it has much higher functionality than Apple’s iPad even if it doesn’t look as sleek.
Now, are you an Apple or a PC person?