Always Be My Maybe – The Summer Rom Com We’ve Been Waiting For

With summer just starting there has been a decided lack of ‘excellent’ summer romantic comedies which usually come out around this time. The success of Crazy Rich Asians last year, showed the film industry that an all-Asian led cast would appeal to audiences everywhere and Netflix’s Always Be My Maybe is no different in this respect. Ali Wong and Randall Park are the summer love story audiences have been waiting for, and the best part is that you don’t need to leave your living room to watch it.

The Story (No Spoilers)
The film is centered around two former best friends, Sasha and Marcus who grow up next door to each other. When tragedy strikes in their teenage years, they are inexplicably drawn closer to each other all with both Randall and Wong’s well-known comedic chops constantly on display. This tragedy both brings them together and is the catalyst for the end of their friendship. When Sasha goes off and becomes a celebrity chef, Marcus finds himself doing the same old schtick with his band into his early 30s. The two end up running into each other again which asks the age-old question, that even When Harry Met Sally seemed to try and answer: can men and women really be JUST friends?
Always Be My Maybe The Summer Rom Com We’ve Been Waiting For

Why You Should Watch
If the plot itself hasn’t sold you then if you are a San Francisco fan this whole movie will seem like an ode to the Bay area. The film also focuses on Sasha, who is an ambitious character set on living her life to her own specifications and not bending to any man’s will. The traditional narrative of a woman following her partner on his career trajectory is flipped and Marcus finds himself in that role. This makes for an interesting dialogue on why a woman is usually depicted as following a man who is following his dreams and not the other way around.
Always Be My Maybe The Summer Rom Com We’ve Been Waiting For

It’s Worth It For Keanu
Keanu Reeves has a small but HILARIOUS cameo as himself in the film. He definitely does not play the typical ‘sad’ Keanu character that often comes out in memes when he is photographed by paparazzi. Instead, he embodies the typical Hollywood character that the public often imagines some actors with a diva like tendencies might have. It is great to finally see him in a comedy, which he showed he could do in the film Destination Wedding. He should flex those comedic chops a bit more.
Grab some popcorn and press play!