An Amazonian Adventure


If you have ever read about the Amazon then you probably know it is the biggest rainforest in the world which features all sorts of wondrous flora and fauna from massive anacondas to poison dart frogs. For those that absolutely love being in unique environments and exploring everything that the ecosystem has to offer then a trek into the Amazon might be the perfect adventure for you if you want to get away from the resort life and get off the beaten track.

Trekking Through The Amazon
The first thing you need to determine is if you want to trek in Brazil or Peru. Both countries offer a diverse part of the rainforest to see but Brazil will give you access to a much larger portion. Now, keep in mind you are not going to be staying at 5-star resorts as you trek through the jungle. With the help of a local guide, you will be taken down ancient trails that will lead you towards some of the most amazing wildlife you will ever see. Along the way you will have medicinal plants pointed out to you and who the indigenous people have used them for centuries to cure certain maladies like fever and other illnesses. You may also have the chance to go night fishing, canoeing down the Amazon River itself, and even spending time in an Indigenous village where you can learn about their way of life and how they have maintained their way of life in the age of deforestation and increasing development encroaching on their natural territory.

The Accommodation
There are a lot of companies that will offer different types of treks. There is the traditional type that has you hiking through the undergrowth or canoeing down the river and then there are others that will have you up in the canopy. As you go along you will see that your tour has very specific types of accommodation. Most will have a lodge where you will start and end your trek which will have basic amenities like plumbing and hot and cold showers. Others may offer more luxe experiences some even have a few tree houses but these you will end up paying more for and will not be a very authentic experience.

When To Go
Like a lot of the Southern Hemisphere, seasons are very distinct usually with a dry one and a wet one. In the Amazon, the ‘dry’ months are between May and June because the rains are not as frequent and everything is nice and lush.