All the Apple Gadgets Expected to be Released This Week

This Wednesday, September 12, Apple will be releasing a host of new gadgets to its millions of users. At 12 p.m., Tim Cook, alongside other top Apple execs, will unveil Apple’s latest lineup. Since the tech giant was founded in 1976, the company has reigned as the leading manufacturer of the world’s most beloved and sought after tech products. Here are all the rumors about what you can expect from Apple’s latest offerings.

iPhones: Reportedly, three new iPhones will be released. An updated version of the iPhone X called the iPhone XS, boasting some software updates, but with many of the same features, is said to have been developed. A larger, 6.5-inch version of the XS reportedly called iPhone XS Max will also be on offer while a less expensive, 6.1-inch iPhone (possibly called iPhone XC) with a single camera and an LED screen will also be unveiled.

Watch: A new Apple watch upgrade has been developed every year since it was first released in 2015. Leaked images from 9to5Mac show two new versions of what is said to be called the Apple Watch Series 4. Each new version is expected to be slightly larger than before, and have a bigger display screen.
Airpods: A second version of Apple’s controversial AirPods are said to also be in the works. Bloomberg has reported that new models of the once-mocked earphones, will allow users to interact with Siri via voice command and will be water resistant.