Athletic excellence and Overcoming Adversity: The Story of Simone Biles

A new athlete exploded into the international gymnastics scene in 2013 and dazzled audiences all around the world. She continues to astound people with her unequaled powers many years later. However, her name has recently been in the news, and it hasn’t been particularly flattering.
She has overcome adversity to continually break new ground in a very demanding and tough sport, and she is now the most decorated athlete in American gymnastics history. After retiring from all events during her second Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020, it’s time to look back on Simone Biles’ incredible journey. Discover what Simone has been keeping hidden from the public eye.

How It All Started

Simone Biles is one of four children who were placed in foster care as their mother suffered from addiction. Their aunt and uncle adopted the two elder siblings, while Simone and her younger sister, Adria, were adopted by their grandparents.

One day, the six-year-old witnessed older girls completing gymnastic routines at the day-care’s gym. She taught herself how to do backflips off mailboxes in no time and began training shortly after her gym visit.

Learning Together

A coach named Aimee Boorman, discovered Simone about a year after she began training. Despite the fact that the gymnastics coach had never worked with an elite athlete before, she was so taken aback by Biles’ inherent talent that she couldn’t pass up the opportunity.


When Biles was eight years old, the two started working together and were together until 2017. Biles was never concerned about her coach’s inexperience; in fact, she greatly appreciated it.

Competitive Debut

Simone Biles made her senior competitive debut as a replacement for injury in the 2013 American Cup at 16 years old. She won her first and second World Championship gold medals just over six months later.


Biles became the first African-American to win the all-around gold medal in Antwerp, Belgium. She also won a second gold medal in the floor exercise, a silver medal in the vault, and a bronze medal on the balancing beam.


The Bee Attack

In 2014, the World Championships were relocated to Nanning, China. In gymnastics, the United States won the team gold once more. Biles won gold in the all-around and silver in the floor exercise, and she added a new gold to her tally when she improved her performance on the balance beam.


A bee was in Biles’ bouquet while she was accepting one of her gold medals, which made her leap from the podium in fear.