All The Best Celeb Pranks from April Fool's Day 2019

Another year, another round of celebrity April Fool’s jokes. Yes, celebs, just like us, like to partake in the well-meaning tradition of pranking their friends and social media followers on the first day of the fourth month. Here is a round up of the best jokes from some of your favorite famous faces.

In true Jennifer Garner style the actress managed to pull off a sweet, wholesome and giggle-inducing prank. The star posted a video on her Instagram page announcing that she had written a memoir entitled Bless Your Heart. The announcement actually proved so believable that some of Garner’s celebrity pals commented on the post, sharing their excitement at the actress’s new publishing endeavour. Zendaya and Reese Witherspoon were amongst those to wish Garner congratulations for her faux accomplishment.

Justin Bieber and his model wife, Hailey Baldwin, took to social media to play out a pregnancy prank that has since been on the receiving end of some serious backlash. Justin posted an image of a sonogram – later revealed to have been pulled from Google – and then followed it up with another image of Hailey supposedly getting a check up. The second image was paired with the caption, “If U thought it was Aprils Fools.” Though the second image racked up 6 million likes, the superstar then posted another sonogram image with a dog in the spot where the foetus should have been. Many of the star’s fans took to the comment section to express their disapproval of the prank, labelling it insensitive to those who struggle to conceive or have lost children.

What would Dr. Phil be without his iconic moustache? The TV psychologist seemed to have also been pondering the question. He shared an image of himself shaving his signature facial hair, he paired the image with a caption which read “Well… I did it.” In actuality – he did not. It seems Dr. Phil’s alarmingly bare lip was actually the result of a little photoshop and not a razor.

Mindy Kaling once again proved to be one of Hollywood’s most likeable funny women. She posted an image of herself with a head of golden blonde locks. This was definitely one of the less believable celeb pranks especially since the star captioned the image with the hashtag #AprilFoolsDay, but it still deserves a cursory mention.

It seems that fake pregnancies are all the rage these days. Lily Collins uploaded a photo of herself in a doctor’s chair boasting a very pregnant belly. Fans were quick to recognize that the photo was actually a behind-the-scenes still from the 2014 film Love, Rosie. Like Bieber, Collins also received a fair amount of criticism for the joke.