Billie Eilish Faces Backlash After Oscar Reaction

This year’s Oscar’s was a blow out bash with plenty of first, drama and funny moments. Viewers were hooked from the moment the show started, and this year’s awards proved to be one of the best yet. Before the night was over, it seems Twitter was a flitter with talk about Billie Eilish’s dramatic reaction to the on-stage hosts.
In what people are now calling the “OK Boomer face,” Eilish looked positively confused yet awkwardly uncomfortable as actresses Maya Rudolph, and Kristen Wigg sang their best bits on stage. Rudolph and Wigg relied on their SNL experience as they did a parody performance while introducing the award for best costume design.
Midway through their one-liners, the actresses decided to sing ‘Lady in Red,’ and it seems this was just too much for young Billie. The Grammy winner made a face that signified her disapproval as the actresses sang on.
As the camera panned over to catch Billie’s reaction, the 18-year-old almost looked like an embarrassed teenager witnessing her older parents do something embarrassing. Understandably it wasn’t long until Billie’s reaction went viral.

Fans on Twitter had mixed reactions with some accusing Eilish of giving attitude while others compared her expression to how they felt. One person tweeted an image of Billie’s expression with the comment “same face we all made when you got all those Grammy’s.” Thankfully not everyone was cruel, with many people identifying with Billie.
In all honesty, both Maya and Kristen sang poorly on purpose to elicit laughs, something the pair have been known to do during their time on SNL. And Billie wasn’t the only one who cringed at the high notes.

Whatever your opinion on the singer’s reaction, it was clear that everyone had fun, and Billies’ on-stage performance of the Beatles song “yesterday’ was remarkably powerful.