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Bingeworthy Netflix Shows To Keep You Entertained


Whether you are self-isolating or looking out for the next great show, Netflix has a plethora of new shows to get you hooked. From fantasy action to the weird and wonderful, Netflix has some new and old shows you just cannot miss this season.
I’m Not Okay With This
Following the death of her father, a teenage girl is left to navigate the complexities of life while also handling her newfound superpowers. Based on a graphic novel the series follows 17-year-old Sydney you discovered she has the ability to move things with her mind. As the series progresses we find that Sydneys powers grow and become more dangerous and all the while Sydney is followed by a hooded figure. This show will have you hooked almost immediately and if you like a superhero show with a generous splash of humor then you will love this show.
The Witcher
Arguably one of the best shows on Netflix, the Witcher is a combination of action, drama, and fantasy. As Netflix’s answer to Game of thrones, the witcher is as addictive as it is amazing.

The show follows Geralt of Rivia, a monster fighting magic-wielding hero who roams the medieval countryside looking for new monsters to vanquish. In the end, he needs to find a young princess and together the two can either end the world or save it. With an amazing cast, the show has a lot to offer. If you get tired of watching the show then you can always play the games it’s based on.
Black mirror
This British science-fiction anthology series will have you on the edge of your seat as you watch the characters try to negotiate through an alternate modern society where technology and surveillance are used to undermine our freedoms.

The show has an amazing cast and has received a very positive reception. If you are looking for the next great thriller then this may be the show for you.