Blueberries Are The Superfood You Should Be Eating

Blueberries are scrumptious purple berries that add a little something to your favorite breakfast food, or dessert. Most people have eaten them with oatmeal, in a smoothie, or if you’re really lucky, a blueberry pie. While blueberries are often thought about as a simple fruit, they are actually considered to be a superfood. They are packed with vitamins and contain a lot of the nutrients you need to stay healthy. Here is why you should consider adding some blueberries to your daily diet.

Repair Muscles

After an hour of working out, your muscles may feel a bit tired and sore. That’s totally normal, but there are foods that actually work to repair your muscles. Blueberries are able to do this in a pretty unique way. That soreness in your muscles is usually caused by inflammation. This inflammation can be helped by soaking in Epsom salts, but also by eating a handful of blueberries. Blueberries are an antioxidant, and one of the properties of them is to act as an anti-inflammatory.

Keep DNA Healthy

Every day our DNA naturally degrades. This is a process that cannot be stopped, but it can be slowed down. DNA begins to breakdown when your body is exposed to too much sun, and many other naturally occurring events. This breakdown in DNA is what tends to lead to signs of aging, such as fine lines and wrinkles. The antioxidant properties of blueberries act to slow down this DNA breakdown, and while it cannot repair DNA the slowing can lead to healthier DNA. Healthier DNA means skin that looks younger for longer.

Optimal Blood Pressure

Staying healthy means ensuring that our bodies are functioning at an optimal level. High and low blood pressure can lead to a variety of health conditions that are best avoided. It is always better to eat healthily and try and regulate your body naturally than take medication if you don’t need to. People suffering from high blood pressure may want to consider adding blueberries to their diet. Studies have shown that blueberries have the ability to lower blood pressure in conjunction with daily exercise, and healthy eating. Always listen to your doctor’s recommendations when it comes to maintaining your health.

Keep Your Mind Youthful

Over time, our cognitive functions can begin to slow. This means that you may have trouble recalling past memories, and other small pieces of information. It can be frustrating but there are certain cognitive exercises, and foods that can aid in keeping your mind young. Blueberries are one of these special foods. It can actually help you to remember things more easily.

The bottom line is that blueberries are both delicious, and an antioxidant full of healthy powers. If you haven’t been eating blueberries regularly, then now might just be the time to start!