Celebrities with Surprising College Degrees

As if they weren’t interesting enough, these popular celebrities have some very surprising college degrees. It’s almost impossible to imagine what would have been if they hadn’t decided to take a different route and pursue a career in showbiz but let’s take a look at how their life could have unfolded!
Mayim Bialik
This actress certainly has a very unique resume for someone in showbiz. Bialik is best known for playing Amy in ‘The Big Bang Theory’, but she is also a remarkably gifted scientist. When she first auditioned for her role on the show, creator and writer Chuck Lorre was surprised to read that the actress had listed PHD in Neuroscience under special talents on her resume!
Rowan Atkinson
Some of us know Mr. Bean as a bumbling, care-free comedian who spends his time doing some pretty silly things but in real life the character is nothing like the actor who plays him. Rowan Atkinson actually has a degree in electrical engineering! In fact, while still finishing his engineering degree, Atkinson was developing the character of the lovable Mr. Bean.
Brian May
Celebrities with Surprising College Degrees

You may only know Brian May as the gifted guitarist from the rock band Queen, but he is also a gifted astrophysicist. May has a PhD in astrophysics from Imperial College London. May began his thesis right before joining Queen and it wasn’t until many years later that he managed to finish his thesis and finally got his PhD. He then decided to take a break from music and continue in the field of astrophysics.
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Arnold Schwarzenegger was already a well-known name in body building by the time he turned 30. But the actor and bodybuilder wanted more than fame, he wanted a career to fall back on if his showbiz dreams didn’t pan out. So, in 1979 he earned a bachelor’s degree in international business and economics from the University of Wisconsin, Superior. It’s crazy to imagine our favorite terminator as an economist, but at least no one can accuse him of being all Braun and no brain!
Will Ferrell
Funny man Will Ferrell may have spent his career as a well-meaning man child but before he decided to pursue a career in showbiz, he managed to earn a BA in Sports Information. According to Ferrell, he almost didn’t finish his degree as he was very involved in his fraternity. Not surprisingly, Ferrell has been known to draw from his partying fraternity days for a lot of his characters.
Rebel Wilson
Celebrities with Surprising College Degrees

She may be one funny lady when she is on the big screen but during her years at school and university Rebel Wilson wasn’t kidding around. In high school she worked incredibly hard and earned one of the highest grades, from there she then went on to graduate from law school. That’s right, this hilarious Australian expat is a lawyer. I suppose it comes in handy when she is negotiating her movie contracts.