Check Out The Latest Emojis That Will Be Hitting Our Screens In 2020

The company that sets the text-based standards for the internet, Unicode, has released a list of the 64 new emojis that are said to be released this year. The emojis will be available soon to all smartphone and internet users and everyone is excited by the new non-gendered characters, animals and hand gestures. This new generation of emoji is sure to be more inclusive o everyone and the emoji includes everything from polar bears to the trans flag.
As soon as the list of new emojis was released, there were some people were really excited to see. The first is the pinched hand gesture. The emoji shows all the fingers and thumb pinched together and held vertically. The emoji comes in all skin tones and promises to be a big hit in many countries. The gesture has different meanings around the world and is a popular gesture in Italy and Israel.

The transgender flag emoji is new, and the proposal of this emoji was supported by rights groups and backed by both Microsoft and Google. Google led the charge in introducing a lot of the gender-inclusive emojis that include a person in a veil emoji and the all-gender person feeding baby emoji. These gender-inclusive emojis mean that finally, our emoji keyboards are more inclusive and expressive.
Some of the other cool emojis that will be released is the anatomically correct heart emoji and the anatomically correct lungs. There are also several new animals including a wooly mammoth and a black cat.

Fans of bubble tea will also notice that the popular beverage has also made its way into the emoji keyboard. The new emojis have all been approved and are set to be released in March of 2020