Doodle Obsession Turns 9-Year-Old Into A Local Celebrity

Joe Whale is no ordinary 9-year-old. Unlike the kids in Joe’s class, this young boy is now a commissioned artist. Greg and his wife first noticed that their son was different when he began doodling at a young age. Since then Joe’s dad Greg has made sure to let his son express himself and today Joe gets paid for his art.

A Budding Artist

It all started when Greg noticed that his son was a compulsive doodler. At first, Joe would doodle in crayon on bits of scrap paper. As time went on his drawing got better and more focused and eventually, his dad was letting him draw in permanent marker.

Then when Joe was 8 he was sent home with a troubling note that would have put an end to Joe’s artistic ambitions. Because of his compulsive doodling, Joe’s teachers had complained and had barred him from drawing at school.


Starting Art School

Greg and his wife strongly disagreed with the teacher and they felt that preventing Joe from drawing would stunt his creativity. So Greg decided to enroll Joe in an afterschool art program called ‘Bloom’. The teachers there were instantly impressed with Joe’s amazing skills.

Unlike other children his age, his drawings were all unique and perfectly produced. Joe wouldn’t work in pencil, instead, his drawings were all done in pen and without mistakes. His art teacher soon decided to move him to a more advanced class with the older boys and there Joe blossomed.


Sharing His Work

For Joe, his favorite things to draw were monsters and superheroes. In art class, he would draw monster doodles endlessly, each time drawing something completely unique. At school, he was frustrated because he couldn’t doodle in class, so when he got home he would endlessly fill notebook after notebook with perfectly drawn doodles.

As his work got even better Joe’s teacher asked his parents if she could post images of his work online. Not knowing what was to happen, they agreed and thought nothing of it.


His First Big Commision

Not too long after posting the pictures, Joe’s art teacher was contacted by the manager of the hottest restaurant in town. They had seen Joe’s artwork and were so impressed they wanted him to doodle on all the walls in their restaurant. They felt Joe’s unique art would create a modern vibe that would add to the restaurant’s ambiance.

When his teacher told Joe about their offer all he could think of was how much fun it would be to cover walls and walls with his doodles. Not only was the restaurant going to let him draw whatever he wanted on the walls, but they were also willing to pay him! It was a dream come true for young Joe and his father was proud to let him do it.


A Huge Success

Greg drove Joe to the restaurant every day after school and the young boy immediately began drawing all over the walls. Joe was over the moon to have a wall to wall canvas and it wasn’t long before the walls began to fill up. For hours at a time, the young boy was able to focus as he drew feverishly.

It only took Joe 12 hours to complete his work on all of the newly painted white walls. Once the walls were finished, Joe’s art had reached a whole new level and people from all over who visited the popular restaurant commented on Joe’s artwork. Soon Joe’s unique work had made him a local celebrity.


Worldwide Recognition

Today, Joe’s parents are certain they made the right decision when they decided to nurture Joe’s love of doodling. Not only is Joe happier having been allowed to create but his skills are being recognized all around the world.

He now has his own website and his own social media accounts and everyone calls him the Doodle boy. We don’t know what Joe has in store for his future, but whatever it is it will involve his amazing artistic doodles.