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The Most Effective Celebrity Trainer Fitness and Diet Tips


Behind every sculpted celebrity body is a personal trainer. These are the dedicated men and women who help to create and maintain some of the world’s most enviable physiques. Looking to up your diet and fitness game? Here are the best tips from celeb trainers…
1. Quick can be Better
Celebrity trainer Jackie Warner claims that its not the length of your workout which counts, but the intensity. If you’re quick to lose motivation, high-intensity ten to twenty minute workouts are the way to go. They are perfect for calorie-busting and are still easy to fit into a busy schedule.

2. Ditch the Scale
A scale is not the most effective way of tracking your progress. You might feel fantastic but be disheartened when the scale doesn’t reflect the strides you feel you’ve made. Ramona Braganza, who has trained Jessica Alba and Kate Beckinsale, recommends using clothes as an indicator, try on the same dream pair of pants each week and track how they fit.

3. Snack Smart
Fueling your workouts with the right snacks is vital to making the most of your exercise regime. Tracy Anderson has worked with Hollywood heavyweights like Cameron Diaz, Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Aniston. She says that you should snack on a protein-packed bar 20 minutes before you hit the gym. As for post-workout snacks, avoid calorie-heavy sports drinks or coconut water and opt for water instead.

4. Indulge, Just a Little
Teddy Bass is best known for whipping celeb bodies into shape when high-intensity roles demand it. He happily allows his clients, like Lucy Lui and Christina Applegate, the occasional guilty pleasure. If you’re absolutely craving a cupcake – eat it! Banning indulgent foods is going to make you feel deprived, less motivated and more likely to fall off the healthy wagon.

5. Avoid Dairy
Gunnar Peterson has trained some of the world’s most sought-after female bodies like Jennifer Lopez and Sofia Vergara. He’s a believer in the fact that most of us are all lactose-intolerant. He recommends ditching dairy and opting for a healthy alternative. Drinking milk well beyond one’s formative years is said to increase bloating and diminish a muscular and toned look.