Enriching Self Care Tips For A Happier Life


In the rush and haste of everyday life, it’s often easy to forget about what’s truly important. Amidst all the demands of work and relationships, it’s vital to make time for oneself, to nurture the personal and spiritual growth that is needed to live a full and meaningful life. Here are our best self care tips for maintaining the wellness of your mind and body.
Eat Well
Food plays such a vital role in our wellbeing. In an age of instant gratification and convenience, the food industry has become another market saturated by capitalist demands. Feed your body, nourish yourself with minerals, vitamins and nutrients that will keep you feeling energized and alive. Avoid processed foods and try to eat foods that are closest to their natural states. Cut down on your meat consumption and be mindful of the journey your meat products have taken to end up on your supermarket shelves. Cook food at home and make it a ritual that is mindful and therapeutic. Take your time, elevate each meal and treat your body with compassion.

Enjoy Some Screen-Free Time
The rise of ubiquitous technology has brought with it some harmful consequences. Spending time away from your smart phone and laptop can offer your mind a much-needed respite. Social media has been increasingly linked with depression and anxiety. Try to purge your Instagram and Facebook pages of influences that inspire you to compare and self-criticize. Set aside an hour each day that is screen-free.

Connect with Loved Ones
We have become dependent on online interactions that are often devoid of true connection. Social media has become a replacement for true intimacy and companionship. Connect with those around you. Engage with the people you love and be sure to make time interacting with those that make you feel seen. Practise random acts of kindness. Remind yourself that each person has the ability to offer you a valuable lesson and an opportunity for real-world connection.

Practise Mindfulness
So many of us navigate the tumultuous waters of physical existence without mindfulness. Finding a practise that connects you to your body and mind is conducive to living a happier and healthier life. Try your hand at meditation or yoga. Slow down and take a moment to truly feel and inspect your emotions and sensations. There are also a wealth of aids that can help you develop mindfulness. Download beginner meditation apps or set aside 15 minutes to lie still and quiet, allowing your mind a much-deserved daily vacation.

Remain Curious
Each day is a new opportunity for spiritual refinement and intellectual growth. No matter your age, it is never too late to learn something new, to cultivate skills and practices that bring you joy. Travel, learn a language, read more, surprise yourself, connect with a stranger, be bold! There are so many accessible ways to expand your knowledge, to use each moment as a chance for self-improvement.