Top Food Trends

A number of food trends are poised to define what 2019 is all about, whether you’re a dining enthusiast or you prefer to make your own dishes at home. Let’s take a look at some of the trends that should be a big hit as 2018 continues.
Exciting New Meat Cuts

Credit: Huffington Post
Top Food Trends

One of the favorite trends mentioned by a number of chefs recently has been new cuts of meat, which include inexpensive options such as shoulder tender or oyster steak. Vegas Strip or Merlot cuts are also big favorites, especially since they hold their flavor so well through grilling.
Homemade Condiments
Credit: The Budget Diet
Top Food Trends

Whether you’re dining at a restaurant or preparing a meal at home, don’t overlook the appeal of homemade condiments this year. The advantages of made-from-scratch condiments include that they are deceptively easy to make and can be as simple or exotic as you like. A nice sriracha ketchup will impress anyone who comes to dine at your home.
Bringing Street Foods Inside
At some point, everyone realized that the street foods we love the most don’t have to be limited to just outdoor fare as you run late to work. Instead, a lot of popular items have made the leap from the street to the kitchen, including everything from tempura to kabobs or dumplings.
Spice Up Your Breakfast
Breakfast isn’t just about eggs and pancakes anymore! Even the simplest breakfast items, such as scrambled eggs, can be much more interesting and satisfying with the inclusion of some chorizo. Coconut pancakes are also a huge hit.
Healthy Eating For Little Ones
Credit: Healthy Eating
Top Food Trends

A lot of adults have made the choice to eat healthier in recent years, but that doesn’t mean that kids should be left out of the movement. A lot of restaurants in particular are moving away from the typical kids meal fare and offering options that include whole grains, vegetables, and fruit.
Bring Some Ethnicity Into Your Meal
More than ever, it seems that chefs and amateurs alike are experimenting with new spices. A lot of these spices, such as harissa, curry, or shichimi, are ethnic spices that can take what would normally be a rather bland meal and turn it into one to remember for months to come.
As 2018 continues, keep these food trends in mind to improve not only your cooking, but also your dining experiences. 2018 is all about experimentation, so don’t be afraid to try something new in the kitchen this year!