How To Fight The Green Eyes Monster And Overcome Your Jealousy

Living with jealous feelings of others and other people’s lives can often be a difficult thing to overcome. For the most part, these feelings can limit us and keep us from enjoying our own lives and happiness. Whether we know it or not, jealousy can affect our behaviors, and without knowing it, we might act passive-aggressively toward the people we care about. If jealousy is taking a lot of your focus, then why not try some of these helpful tips to overcome it.
Admit your feelings
The first step to solving any problem is actually admitting you have a problem, to begin with. With jealousy, its easy to blame others for your feelings. However, the sooner you realize you are responsible for the way you feel, the better. Once you admit you feel the form, try to understand why you feel that way. As yourself, if you are unhappy or if you feel inadequate in some way. Only then can you get to the root cause of the problem.
Set Goals
If you feel you are jealous because you want something someone else has, then why not set goals to achieve those things. If you are jealous of their possessions, then work on a longterm plan and budget to afford those things.

If you are jealous of their achievements, then achieve your own things.
Love yourself
For many of us, while we may tend to judge others harshly, the person we judge the hardest is ourselves. Instead, take a moment to think about all the things you have experienced in your life. Look at the things you have been through and overcome. Focus on your strengths and your talents instead of your weaknesses.

Each day remind yourself of these excellent characteristics. Slowly you will be less likely to judge yourself and more likely to love yourself.