How to Find the Perfect Wallet

When it comes to menswear and lifestyle topics, one thing that very rarely comes up is how to pick a great wallet. Shoes? We talk about those all the time. Socks, watches, hats? Check, check, check. But wallets? That’s a subject that never comes up. Never fear though, because we’ve got you covered. Here are some key tips for picking the perfect wallet.

Get Rid of the Huge “Dad Wallet”

Credit: Esquire

You’re not your dad, so you don’t need a three-inch thick wallet like he had, which was probably stuffed with credit cards he didn’t use, pictures he hadn’t looked at in years, and business cards from people he didn’t remember. Ditch your extra loyalty cards or other useless items so you can go thinner with your wallet.

Don’t Forget About Quality

Credit: Ali Express

Many men already know that not all leather was created equal. Simply because something is “all leather” doesn’t mean that it’s all equally high quality. Take a good luck at the wallet that you intend to buy and make sure that it’s actually made from quality leather. It will last longer that way and look better, too.

The Tone Matters

Just as when you’re speaking, when you pick a leather wallet, the tone matters. One of the best things about high quality leather is that it gains character over time and with use. A lighter English bridle tone, for instance, will look better as it ages, making it an excellent choice.

Consider Your Style
Credit: Etsy

Coordinating your items will always make you look better, so why not do the same with your wallet? Think about your daily life and what you tend to wear. If you wear a lot of jeans, a light leather will go better, whereas a dark finish is more sophisticated and looks more appropriate when you’re wearing a suit a lot of days of the month.

Two Wallets Is A Good Choice

Almost every man tends to have a wallet that they use everyday. This makes sense, but it’s also smart to consider having a couple of wallets that you can switch between. Maybe a darker finish for days when you dress up or for winter months, and a lighter colored, thinner wallet for the hotter months of summer, for instance.
Hopefully, you feel well-equipped now to buy the perfect wallet for your needs. Wallets are about function first and foremost, but there’s no reason to neglect style when it comes to something you take out of your pocket on a regular basis in public!