Friday Feel Good Activities

The weekend is nearly here. When you get home from work, put some tunes on, pour a glass of wine and give yourself some you time. Here are some feel good Friday activities to get you in the mood.

Mindfulness Drawing

Mindfulness coloring or drawing is the perfect way to unwind after a long day and calm the mind. It helps you be in the moment, to relieve any tension and leave the stress behind. Get some bright pens and pencils and get creative!

Dance Party In The Living Room

How often do you ever just put on your favourite tunes on full blast, and dance like no one is watching? It is the perfect therapy, and way to just be free with yourself. Try it, go wild, go crazy, connect to your body and feel into what it wants. It will feel so refreshing.


Get your girls together and book a bowling lane. This underrated activity is the best in big groups and with a few drinks down you, you will have an entertaining evening we promise!

Go For A Walk

Get your heart rate pumping and oxygen in your lungs. Leave your work worries in the office, and free your mind by going on a power walk. Go with a friend, catch up on new gossip and just enjoy your surroundings and being with your body.