5 Celebrity 10-Year-Challenges That You Will Not Believe

10-Year-Challenges – everyone’s doing it! The newest social media trend involves comparing two photos from 2009 and 2019. And while many common folks’ images include braces, embarrassing fashion and bad hair, here are the celeb comparisons that literally made our jaws drop.

It might be difficult to believe but yes, Jessica Biel is ten years older in the right-hand image. Biel does not look a day older than her 2009 self! The actress shared the image on her Instagram page along with the caption: “What a difference ten years can make! Although I do still have a lot of ❤️ for my tan lines, hoops and blonde days… ”

This image might be confirmation that Reese Witherspoon is actually immortal. The child actress turned award-winning leading lady looks just as radiant as she did all those years ago. Reese shared the image with her 16 million followers, saying, “Time sure does fly when you are having fun!!”

Ryan Seacrest is yet another celeb to jump onboard the challenge craze and may we just say, yum. The star looks just as dapper as he did back in the day. We even prefer the salt and pepper 5 o’ clock shadow!

Anne Hathaway might be ten years older but she is, undeniably, as fabulous and stylish as ever! Back in 2009 Hathaway was rocking a pixie cut after shearing her locks for a role but that’s just about the only difference we can spot. You go, girl.

Is there something in the water over in Hollywood? Isla Fischer is yet another seemingly ageless beauty with those fiery long locks and that luminous, wrinkle-free skin. The star cheekily captioned the Instagram snap, saying, “I was stretchmark/spanx/diaper free a decade ago.”