Angelina Jolie Has Returned To The Public Eye At Comic-Con

Not one to put herself in the spotlight these days, Angelina Jolie has put in a rare appearance at the famed Comic-Con in San Diego. She has been keeping her life very private since she and Brad Pitt split and their divorce may finally be about to occur after three years of back and forth. This appearance though had a lot less to do with her personal life but instead, she returns to the big screen after devoting most of her time to her seven children and her work with the United Nations as an ambassador. So what prompted this supposedly unexpected appearance?

A New Superhero

In a move that may have shocked fans, Angelina will now be joining the billion-dollar Marvel Cinematic Universe. It might have seemed like the Marvel universe was coming to an end with the last Avengers flick but this is not the case much to fans’ delight. There are a whole bunch of as yet adapted comic book heroes that still need to come to life. The movie franchise that she will be joining is called The Eternals.

Angelina Jolie Has Returned To The Public Eye At Comic-Con

What Is The Eternals?

Now you might be wondering what exactly is The Eternals about, the title would imply that these superheroes might be immortal otherwise known as having the gift of eternal life. The Eternals as they are called in the series are a subspecies of humans according to creator Jack Kirby. When humanity was created the Celestials which are also present in The Guardians of the Galaxy series though that humans themselves would need protectors so the Eternals were granted special powers. Naturally, they have a nemesis that they have to deal with on a regular basis called The Deviants. The Deviants differ from Eternals in both appearances and in purpose. The Celestials created the Deviants to be their playthings while the Eternals are meant to simply be beautiful protectors. We can see why Angelina would have been pegged to be an Eternal but it does make us wonder who the Deviants are going to be in the series.

Angelina Jolie Has Returned To The Public Eye At Comic-Con

When Will It Be Released?

With the casting just being announced for The Eternals it is hard to pinpoint when exactly it will be hitting theaters but it seems like next year in the Spring or Summer would be the best bet. Marvel loves having a big summer blockbuster but with the Black Widow moving coming out and a new female Thor, it is hard to know which one they will select to be the summer headliner. All we know is that we can’t wait to watch all three.