The Best Gender Reveal Of All Time: Shay Mitchell

Shay Mitchell star of the series You and formally as Emily on the long-running Pretty Little Liars basically just announced that she was six months pregnant. She did it by posting a tasteful belly picture on her Instagram account. She has long been a major influencer when it comes to her travel YouTube channel which also features beauty tutorials and her Instagram account which is full of glossy curated images from her life. However, her personal life has been something of a secret but now we know this Canadian beauty is having a Canadian baby with her Canadian boyfriend who little was known about until now.

Matte Babel

Her baby daddy is Matte Babel who is a Canadian and works for DreamCrew and Ransom Music Group. Is this ringing any bells? Well, it should because another very high profile Canadian rapper is managed by these two groups: Drake. It seems like the Canadians have really banded together. Babel himself has largely been kept off of Shay’s social media in an effort for them to lead a more private life and it seems to have worked since nobody really knew about their relationship much less that they were trying to have a baby.

The Best Gender Reveal Of All Time: Shay Mitchell

The Gender Reveal

Once Shay went public with her pregnancy she decided to have some fun with it now that the world knew. She is even producing a new reality show about her journey during her pregnancy called Almost Ready. But last week she and Babel had their gender reveal to find out if it’s a boy or a girl. Most couples go the traditional route with red or pink balloons coming out of a box, a cake with a color inside, or even popping a balloon and seeing the color of the confetti placed inside. Not these two. Instead, in the video on her Instagram you see a pink and blue Power Ranger parade out of her house which is confusing until the two start to fight. That’s right the gender is revealed by which of the Power Rangers wins the fight in this contrived battle.

The Best Gender Reveal Of All Time: Shay Mitchell

The Winner

After what is quite the battle with both the pink and the blue Power Ranger being mauling each other in front of Shay and Babel the fight concludes with the Pink Power Ranger victorious. They are having a girl!