Celebrities Who Love To Pull Pranks

They may be the kings and queens of Hollywood but these celebs are also real people. It’s hard to imagine our favorite celebs having a wild funny side but sometimes, thanks to the miracle of social media, we get to see the special movements where our favorite celebrities prank other famous people

That time Chrissy Teagan stopped Hollywood tour van so she could troll her husband
When there was a slight mix up at the 2017 Oscars, Chrissy Teigen’s husband john legend momentarily thought his film won an Oscar. Sadly the announcer made a mistake and the award had gone to another film. Well, being the loving wife she is, Chrissy made sure to find every opportunity to remind her husband of this. She even went so far as to stop a Hollywood tour van and introduce her husband as the man who almost won an Oscar. While that might sound cold-blooded the couple loves playfully making fun of each other like this.

That time Ashton Kutcher gave his co-star a gift with his face on it
When Christmas rolled around last year Dax Shepard and his adorable wife Kristen Bell were over the moon to receive a gift from their friend and colleague Ashton Kutcher.

However, it may have gotten a little weirder once they unwrapped it. Ashton and his wife Mila had given the couple a shower curtain with a picture of Ashton and Mila on it, you know, to always remind their friends that they were watching.

Hugh Jackman Pranked Ryan Reynolds
Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman have been involved in an ongoing prank war that has entertained the masses over the years. So far Ryan had come out as the winner and it wasn’t until Hugh Jackman teamed up with Jake Gyllenhaal that he finally got one over on his friend Ryan. You see Hugh convinced Jake to invite Ryan to a Christmas party and told him it was an ugly Christmas sweater party.

Celebrities Who Love To Pull Pranks

Naturally, Ryan showed up to the party in his ugliest Christmas sweeter, but little did he know all he would find was Jake and Hugh hiding in the corner ready to take pictures for social media. With Christmas coming we wonder how Ryan will get his revenge.