Chrissy Teigen Shares Hilarious Video With Fans Vowing to Never Do Anything Again

Halloween is finally behind us and we can now take a break before we begin preparing for our next holiday on the calendar. However, for some of us, we might still need a minute to recover from all the festivities. And this is exactly how the ‘Lipsync Battle’ star Chrissy Teigen feels after sharing a very candid video on her social media.

Chrissy Teigen and her husband John Legend just love Halloween and when the holiday comes around they make sure to have the perfect costumes ready for themselves and their two children. With a long list of celebrity parties to attend, costume preparations, trick-or-treating with the children and making sure your social media followers are in the loop, Halloween can be a tall order for the celebrity couple and after this year Chrissy was completely exhausted.

Halloween evening Chrissy and John and the kids made their way to friend Kendall Jenner’s house where they partied the night away and posed for pictures throughout the night. Strangely, Chrissy was uncharacteristically quiet online and fans were saddened not to see this year’s costume. Chrissy is well known for her funny and perfectly executed costume ideas and everyone was waiting to see what would follow her ‘Queen and Prince Philips costumes. It wasn’t until morning when fans heard from Chrissy again.

In her candid video, Chrissy showed herself looking less than her perfect self, her hair was disheveled and she still had the makeup from the night before smeared on her face. With a raspy voice, an exhausted Chrissy explained that she had lost her phone the night before. She also went on to say that she was never doing anything again! So many of us and relate to that statement and fans were moved by Chrissy’s honesty in her hilariously accurate video. honestly, who cannot help but love a celebrity who is so relatable. It seems the festivities completely tuckered her out. Hopefully, after some well-deserved rest and lots of hydration, the TV star will be back to her old perky self.

Chrissy Teigen Shares Hilarious Video With Fans Vowing to Never Do Anything Again

Despite the being a little more worse for wear the morning after the family really enjoyed their night out and Chrissy and john dressed as maleficent and her prince. But the real star of the show was daughter Luna who dressed as sleeping beauty for the occasion. She loved her costume so much that she couldn’t stop looking at herself in the mirror the whole night!
No matter how the night ended, it seems it was still well worth it.