Frenemies No More: Taylor Swift And Katy Perry Make-Up

It has been well-known in the pop industry that Katy Perry and Taylor Swift have not been friends for the last six years. That is a LONG time and a lot of awkward awards shows that they have had to avoid each at over the years. But what caused this rift that sent these two pop queens into the frenemy zone.

The Cause Of The Feud

It all began with a tour and some dancers like any good story. Taylor was on her Red tour in 2013 which had a large dance troupe in tow as she always puts on a pretty whimsical show full of elaborate dance numbers. Now, this is where things get a little bit hazy. For unknown reasons, a number of the dancers on Taylor’s tour decided to jump ship and join Katy Perry’s Prism tour. What’s interesting about this supposed start of the feud is a couple of things. The first, is why did these dancers decide to leave Taylor’s tour? Perhaps it was too demanding, not enough downtime or maybe Katy just offered them a heftier paycheck. Who can know? One thing is for sure, Taylor did not take this lying down. And thus, the treasure that is the song Bad Blood was recorded. Taylor never confirmed or denied that the song was about Katy but clearly the damage was done.

The Feud Through The Years

Things have been kept under wraps about just how bad the fight between these two was but a rumor began to circulate in 2015. The Grammy’s that year had both of them in attendance and the backstage of a major awards show isn’t exactly the size of a stadium. Chances are these stars would have run into each other unless somebody made sure that they didn’t. Apparently, Katy and Taylor were not even on speaking terms then and they made their attendance contingent on the fact that they would not have to be around each other. No co-hosting, no meet and greets, basically zero interaction.

Frenemies No More: Taylor Swift And Katy Perry Make-Up

Best Friends Forever

Fast forward six years and now the two have taken to Instagram to announce to the world that they have put everything behind them. How did they decide to announce this not so monumental decision? With a plate of cookies of course. In true Taylor fashion, a plate of home-baked cookies had “Peace At Last” written on it. I guess now we know for sure that there was some bad blood between these two ladies.