Jennifer Aniston Shared Mug Shot Pic To Promote Her New Show

Jennifer Aniston is making the most of her return to the small screen and never misses a moment to promote her new show ‘The Morning Show’. Recently the star shared several pictures online that were so popular they even caused social media platforms to temporarily crash. This is further evidence that Aniston is not only an amazing actress and style icon but that she has also become an internet sensation!

In October America’s golden girl Jennifer Aniston decided that it was time for her to join social media and embrace change. However, when she first signed up we’re sure she never expected that her pictures would have such a tremendous impact and break the internet. Well, that is exactly what happened when the star shared a reunion picture of herself and her Friends co-stars.

Jennifer Aniston Shared Mug Shot Pic To Promote Her New Show

Aniston posted the picture of the Friend’s cast that was taken recently at the actress’s house and the moment it was shared it seems the internet went momentarily insane. Fans immediately speculated that the pic was a teaser of a Friends remake or reunion show and suddenly it was all anyone could talk about.

More recently the actress made waves once more when she shared a picture captioned ‘mugshot’. Naturally, anyone who is anybody jumped at the opportunity to see what they thought was an actual mugshot of the actress. But alas it was just Aniston’s quirky sense of humor as the picture the actress shared was of her drinking from a coffee mug with the name of her new show, ‘The Morning Show’, on the side.

Jen has transitioned back to television and will star in ‘The Morning Show’ which will be Apple tv+ first television drama. This show has an amazing cast of talented actors including Aniston, Reese Witherspoon and Steve Carell who play competing new anchors on a popular morning news show. Its great to see Jeniffer Aniston back on the small screen and this show looks like it is going to be revolutionary.