The Kardashian’s Hilariously Impersonate One Another in Series Finale

The season finale of season 17 of Keeping up with the Kardashian’s ended the season with a bang, and fans were left gagging after the hilarity that ensued. We all know that this latest season of KUWTK has been a little tense due to some unresolved issues between the sisters, and for the season finale, the girls decided to get together for one final meal. Shockingly, however, this meal had a twist, and the sisters and momager agreed to impersonate each other.

Initially, momager Kris had wanted to use the dinner to clear the air in the hope that the difficulties between Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney would be resolved for the next season. It was hoped that by impersonating one another, the sisters would understand the difficulties that their sisters face, but as expected, it only made the situation worse.

The whole ‘walk a mile in my shoes exercise’ got nasty when Kim arrived late to the dinner dressed as Kourtney. Being late was a direct dig at Kourtney, who Kim feels doesn’t make enough time for the show and their shared businesses.

The Kardashian’s Hilariously Impersonate One Another in Series Finale

Naturally, Kourtney didn’t like what she saw, and things kicked off from there. It looks like Kourtney’s departure from the show couldn’t have happened at a better time because if the sisters had to work with one another any longer, it would inevitably end in tears for all.

Aside from the obvious drama of the episode, fans were blown away by Khloe’s depiction of momager Kris as the mother and daughter look airily similar. Unknowingly, however, Khloe exposed a dark side of Kris fans of the show very seldom see and not we are left wondering if Kris is less sensitive to her children than we initially believe.

The highlight, however, of the entire episode was Kendall’s depiction of Kylie. Kendall had overdrawn her lips with hysterical results, and even the cameraman and producers could be heard laughing as Kendal covered her face in lipstick