Katie Holmes Describes Her Close Bond With Daughter Suri

Katie Holmes Describes Her Close Bond With Daughter Suri

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes were one of Hollywood’s favorite couples and the scene of Tom Cruise jumping on Oprah’s couch as he professed his love for Katie is still very much burnt into our collective memories. When news hit that the celebrity couple had split, fans and critics alike were swept up in the whirlwind following the breakup. Now that the dust has finally settled it seems despite all the hardship and Katie recently gave a candid interview where she described her relationship with daughter Suri Cruise.

Being in the public eye with constant speculation about your private life can be hard for anyone, but it can be even more difficult when there is a young child involved. But Katie has managed to build an amazing and close relationship with her young daughter, similar to the relationship she has with her own mother. The actress’s relationship with her mother is one of trust and respect with Katie always turning to her mom for advice. Katie told reporters that this is the kind of relationship Katie wanted to nurture with Suir and she wanted her young daughter to rely on her when she needed to.

When it comes to spending time with 13-yer-old Suri, Katie explained that she enjoys volunteering with Suri and the pair have often volunteered together, once even traveling to help out at a refugee camp. Katie stressed that it is important for her to listen to her young daughter’s opinions and that this ultimately helps them bond. It seems this relationship is all about equality and trust and it seems to be working very well for the pair.

One important lesson we can learn from Katie is that parents should take time out to spend with their kids. This means quality time where kids get your full attention and you are not splitting your focus.

In the age of social media and smartphones, the actress explained that she often takes a break from life and its distractions and just focusses on being in the moment with young Suri. It’s so nice to see that despite all these two have been through, they at least have each other.