Does Keanu Reeves Have A New Leading Lady?

Well, we hate to say it but it looks like Keanu might be off the market because the actor was recently spotted holding hands with a mystery lady on the LACMA Art + FILM Gala red carpet. So who is this mystery lady who has stolen the internets’ boyfriend?

Keanu’s new “friend” is actually an LA-based artist Alexandra Grant and she isn’t a new friend at all. Turns out Keanu and Alex have known each other for over a decade and the pair met at a dinner party back in 2009. What’s even more shocking is that this is not even the first time the two have appeared hand in hand. Back in June, the two were spotted at an event together and when they were seen holding hands many speculated that this was a one-off friend kind of thing. Now that it has happened again there might be a little more to this than we first thought.

Alex is an extraordinary artist whose work has been featured in galleries all over, and her work explores the use of text and writing in different kinds of artistic mediums. After their first meeting, it seems Alex and Keanu shared an interest in this kind of approach because the two have even worked together on two illustrated books over the years.

Does Keanu Reeves Have A New Leading Lady?

In fact, they must have had so much fun working together that the pair even went on to found a small publishing company.

Keanu seems to have a lot on his plate lately and it’s a wonder where he finds the time for all his business endeavors. When the actor is not on set shooting another movie, he has to divide his time between the publishing company with Alex, his production company and his custom motorbike company ‘Arch Motorcycles’. If the rumors are true and Alex and Keanu are in fact dating, it’s hard to imagine this busy actor has time for a love life.

Some have wondered how Keanu’s movie wife Winona Ryder will feel about this latest development. You see, back when Winona and Keanu were filming the marriage scene in the movie ‘Dracula’, the movie wedding was officiated by a real Romanian priest. While technically they didn’t have a marriage license, in the eyes of god it’s possible that they may actually be married.

Alex knows a thing or two about marriage ceremonies as the artist got herself ordained online so she could officiate the wedding of her friends Ginna and Edwin. So if Keanu needs clarification on this issue he can always turn to Alex for ho to get a fake movie divorce!