An A-Lister’s Surprise Pregnancy

With Shay Mitchell announcing her pregnancy it seemed like it was just a matter of time until another big star announced theirs. If there is one thing we have noticed it seems like celebrity announcements tend to happen in twos or threes if there is one wedding there is another that same weekend and pregnancies are no different. Not to be left out of the mix, Academy award-winning actress Anne Hathaway announced on Instagram that she too is heavily pregnant with her second child.

Raising Awareness

Her post was a bit different though because she decided to highlight an issue that is close to many people’s hearts: fertility issues. She has not done an interview yet to say exactly what she has gone through in terms of her second pregnancy but this mention seems like she may have had to undergo some fertility treatments herself. There has been no mention of how far along she is or when she is due or if she is having a boy or a girl. If you look at Anne’s first pregnancy and the fake information she gave out we are unlikely to know anything concrete until she actually has her baby. She enjoyed giving out the wrong due date, how far along she was, and even saying she did not know the gender of her baby until it was born. She is a master when it comes to flying under the radar.

An A-Lister’s Surprise Pregnancy

Her First Appearance Post Announcement

She has begun doing the press circuit for her upcoming anthology series on Amazon Prime called Modern Love. Now that the world knows she is expecting the press have been eager to know everything about her baby. All she had to say during the junket is that she has ‘mommy brain’ which means she is rather forgetful. Her dress accentuated her pregnancy and now that she is open about it we expect to see a lot more of her.

Modern Love

Her new TV series looks like it will focus on a variety of different relationships that people experience in the modern world as the title would have us believe. The trailer makes it look like it will have a very comedic edge, especially because funny woman Tina Fey also stars in a number of episodes. We cannot wait to see how Anne’s pregnancy progresses and just how good her foray onto the little screen is. We know that if Amazon’s past shows are anything to go by that this one will be excellent.