The Newest Kardashian: Psalm West

It seems like celebrity babies are being born left right and center, with baby Archie just greeting the public, and now Kim Kardashian and Kanye West introducing their fourth child to the world. Known for their unique name choices, their newest son was not left out. Meet Psalm West, who was 6 pounds and nine ounces and who now joins North, Chicago, and Saint in the long line of Kardashian children.

What We Know So Far

Psalm was born on May 9th through a surrogate and Kanye has reportedly claimed that Psalm is one of the calmest babies he has ever seen. In true Kim fashion, she tweeted a screenshot of an iMessage conversation of the baby sleeping in his crib that she had sent to Kanye. Privacy is a little bit different for Psalm then it is for the latest royal child.

Kim and Kanye released a Mother’s Day message along with the picture of Psalm which said: “Beautiful Mother’s Day/ With the arrival of our fourth child/ We are blessed beyond measure / We have everything we need.” Now that they have four children it will be interesting to see if they decide to have any more as a family is clearly a huge priority for this dynamic couple.

Rumor Has It

With Kim training to be a lawyer and Kanye busy with his fashion and music the two often do not have a lot of spare time, but the time they do have is now focused on raising this newest addition to the family. They have both been reported as saying that they need to “soak it up” as they know that their kids can grow up so quickly and they do not want to miss any of their children’s big moments like first steps or first words.

The Newest Kardashian: Psalm West

The Siblings

North, 5, Chicago, 1, and Saint, 3 seem to be thrilled that they have a new brother and with North being the oldest she gets to take on all of the duties that a big sister usually gets to deal with, like holding Psalm when he gets a bit weepy. The entire Kardashian clan has reached out to extend their congratulations and we are sure there will be a massive photo shoot with the entire family one of these days. If there is one thing Kris Jenner loves, it is showing off her gigantic and ever-growing family.