Popular TV Shows That Are Ending In 2020

Its that time of year when we have to face facts and prepare ourselves for the final seasons of our favorite shows. With some of the most popular shows on tv saying goodbye this season, saying goodbye has never been sadder. Here are some of the most popular shows that are wrapping up this season.

Supernatural has run on the CW for 15 seasons. That is an amazing 15-year run and the show never lost any of its charms along the way. While it will be incredibly sad to finally say goodbye to tough guys Sam and Dean, even the cast agree that it was best to leave while the show was still incredible. It’s going to be a long time until fans can find a show similar and after the show ends Jared Padalecki will move on to star in the reboot of ‘Walker, Texas Ranger’ while Jensen Ackles plans on releasing his first album.

Modern family

We have all grown to love the Pritchett over the years, in fact, we may have loved the show so much that we had come to believe we were honourary members of the family. Alas, its time to finally say goodbye to the family as this will be there last season. With the Big Bang Theory already off the air, this leaves us with no great family comedies left to fill the void. So it looks like we are all going to have to white knuckle it or try something new.

The Good Place
The comedy duo of Kristen Bell and Ted Danson and the incredible storyline of  ‘The Good Place’ made it a show you just had to watch. Sadly after 3 fantastic seasons, it seems the shows 4th will be it’s last.

Popular TV Shows That Are Ending In 2020

While the cast was heartbroken to say goodbye, they all agreed that it was a great point in the show’s storyline to say goodbye.