The Queen of Halloween: Heidi Klum’s Best Halloween Looks

It’s no secret that Heidi Klum loves Halloween, The model/actress/goddess goes to extreme lengths to make sure that her Halloween costume is always amazing and outrageous. With a team of special effects artists by her side, Heidi spends weeks putting a costume together and each year she debuts her costumes at her famous Halloween party. An annual event since 2000, Heidi Halloween has become so popular that some of Hollywood’s hottest stars vie for a spot on the guestlist. Here are some of Heidi’s most Spooktacular Halloween outfits so far.

Kali Heidi
In 2008 Heidi risked criticism when she dressed as Kali, Hindu goddess of destruction. Covered in blue body paint and skintight fabric, Heidi had multiple prosthetic arms attached to her back. Each arm was frightfully realistic, with each holding either a human head or weapon. This was one of Heidi’s scarier costumes because when the arms all moved together it was pretty scary to watch. The costume was simpler than many of her previous costumes but was still very detailed as even Heidi’s heels had been adorned with tiny human skulls

Fiona from Shrek
Heidi really committed to this costume when she donned a full-body, green prosthetic suite to become Fiona from the Shrek Franchise. Heidi had to have her entire body scanned so that they could make the suit fit perfectly.

The prosthetic covered the model from head to toe and she was almost unrecognizable when she appeared on the red carpet at the event. Fiona didn’t appear alone though as Heidi’s boyfriend also joined the fun and dressed in a similar Shrek suite.

Jessica Rabbit
Unlike her Fiona costume, this Jessica Rabbit outfit only required some prosthetics to her body and face. Heidi wowed the crowds with her bodacious costume, cartoonish makeup, and tight red dress. While the look was perfectly executed, Heidi’s Jessica Rabbit costume was so realistic she looked as if she had just stepped out of the movie and into real life!

Elderly Heidi
Heidi decided to take a page out of Johnny Knoxville’s book and decided to transform into her much older self. Using prosthetics, a grey wig and makeup, Heidi’s special effects team was able to add about 40 years to Heidi and it was incredibly realistic. Granny Heidi walked the carpet with a walking stick and age-appropriate outfit and the effect was so realistic it included varicose veins and wrinkled knees. Despite the premature aging of the makeup, we could still see that it was Heidi under there.

The Queen of Halloween: Heidi Klum’s Best Halloween Looks