Selma Blaire’s Inspirational Journey

Since the late ’90s, Selma Blair has been a beloved Hollywood actress, but over time she seemed to be slowly disappearing from the big screen completely. While many of us wondered why Selma was taking so few roles, no one could have imagined that behind closed doors she was struggling with her health.

Not long after the birth of her son Arthur Saint, Selma began to notice that her body had changed, and she could no longer perform simple daily tasks without succumbing to exhaustion. She decided to go to her doctors to see if they could help, but her Doctors wouldn’t take Selma seriously and they thought she was just an exhausted single mom.

Soon after that, she developed even more worrying symptoms but still, her doctors wouldn’t take her complaints seriously. Despite what her doctors thought Salma was determined to solve her medical mystery and reclaim her life. Selma knew she would have to be strong for herself and her son, so she gathered all her strength and started on the long path to healing.

Eventually, Selma reached out to fellow actor Michael J Fox for advice. Michael had been publicly battling Parkinson’s disease for years and he understood how scary and overwhelming it could be to be sick while in the public eye. He gave her all the help he could and was always standing by to offer guidance.

As the years rolled on Selma did not give up her search for answers. As her health decreased her friends were always stood by to remind her about what was important. Undaunted by her disbelieving doctors, Selma kept a brave face for her son and the public.

After 7 years of struggle, one day doctors witnessed Selma fall as she battled to walk. Finally, they started to believe that her symptoms were serious. Selma was diagnosed as suffering from multiple sclerosis and even though the diagnosis was scary, Selma was relieved that she finally had answers and she could finally find some healing. With her new diagnosis, Michael convinced Selma to share her story for others who might also be struggling.

Even though it was hard for her at first Selma told the world that she was sick and to her surprise, she was met with support and love. Since sharing her diagnosis, Selma made her first public appearance at the Vanity Fair Oscar party where she was absolutely inspirational with her custom cane and magnificent gown.


Selma Blaire’s Inspirational Journey

Selma’s strength was unshakable, and many were inspired by her amazing journey. This super mom has continued to work as an actress with her upcoming film and her new show on Netflix, she also continues her charity work and has even begun designing her own clothing. Selma’s story shows us that even in the face of overwhelming difficulties we cannot give up and we need to let go of the things we cannot control and focus instead on the things we can.