Taylor Swift’s New Single “Me!”

The former country singer and now queen of pop seems to have done it again with the release of her new single “Me!” with Panic! at the Disco’s lead singer Brendon Urie. She also dropped the music video on the same day that it went live across all music streaming platforms. Naturally, with anything, Swift does she has broken some records albeit personal ones since it is very hard to compete with the K-Pop market.

Taylor Swift’s New Single “Me!”

The Music Video

The stats are still out on how many times the single has been downloaded since its release on April 26th but the amount of YouTube watches is not. If you go to the major streaming provider you can look down and see that it has now been watched almost 85 million times since it dropped yesterday. Sounds like a lot does it not?

Taylor Swift’s New Single “Me!”

Well, if you look back on the statistics for the first day watches by other bands Swift and Urie’s “Me!” is in the running but it does not take the cake. The record for the most-watched newly released music video on YouTube goes to the KPop band BTS and Halsey who released the single “ Boy With Luv.” “Boy With Luv” garnered a whopping 74.6 million watches within the first 24 hours. Swift’s “Me!” got 65.2 million which is not too shabby. It is clear though, that she has to compete with the KPop market and as you watch the video you see that she has employed a wide array of visual effects most likely to try and appeal to all ages and up her “watchability”.

The New Album Title

Swift announced on her Instagram that the title of her upcoming album is actually said within the video, which has led to some major fan speculation. There are a ton of easter eggs pointing towards information related to the album for fans to find but so far no fan theories have been confirmed by Swift herself which has led to a major uproar amongst the Swifties. This is no doubt exactly the kind of publicity she wants: as much as possible.

Throughout the video, there are a lot of hints of her past, from the Christmas tree which eludes to the farm she grew up on, to the Dixie Chicks photos on the wall an ode to her country roots, and possibly even a shadow which looks like her from the Speak Now album. Who knows what the title is going to be?