Weatherman Shows Up For Broadcast Dressed As A Magical Unicorn

When Calgary weatherman Jordan Witzel does Halloween he really does go all out. This year he made a magical transformation when he dressed up as a white unicorn for the morning weather broadcasts. Calling himself Ferdinand the Mystical, Jordan explained to viewers that he was now a magical unicorn who also happens to report the weather on the morning news. Jordan made headlines when he showed up for the Halloween broadcast and videos and pictures quickly went viral.

The news anchors were struck by uncontrollable laughter as Jordan presented the day’s weather in a tight white costume complete with hoof hands, a pink and purple wig, rainbow tail and white wings. Making sure to shake his tail provocatively whenever he could, ‘Ferdinand’ refused to continue with the temperature updates until the production team changed the name key at the bottom of the screen. Very quickly the screen banners all read ‘Ferdinand. Mystical Meteorologist’.

The laughing news anchors couldn’t contain their laughter as Ferdinand showed off his costume and strutted his stuff as only a unicorn named Ferdinand would. Refusing the break character, the weatherman read out the temperatures while following the graphics on the SkyTracker. While talking to his female co-anchors, Jordan explained that he had driven into work while wearing the costume, and many people had stared at him during the morning traffic.

Weatherman Shows Up For Broadcast Dressed As A Magical Unicorn

To finish off his morning broadcast, Jordan closed with a little unicorn dance that will forever be burned into our collective memories, and the awkward jig was so funny even the cameraman momentarily lost control of the camera because of his laughing. As Jordan shimmied across the screen the laughter rained throughout the studio, the news anchors were almost unable to continue the broadcast. Eventually, the veteran anchors were able to contain themselves and the show went on.

While people all over the world later wanted to reproduce the viral costume they were out of luck because Jordan had made it from different items he had bought in many different shops. The weatherman explained that he had had a particular vision when assembling the costume and that he was happy with the end result.

This isn’t the first time Jordan has shocked his colleagues and the crew. Jordan once showed up dressed in a costume inspired by the Spielberg film ET which included his pet pug as dressed as the lovable alien. The costume completely took the show’s producers by surprise and Jordan quickly became a fan favorite.

Jordan has also previously dressed as the stay puff marshmallow man, He-Man, and Princess Leia and viewers can expect costumes on all the major holidays. We must say, with the media often reporting on sad and catastrophic events, it is refreshing to see something so funny and lighthearted on the morning news.