What Guys Should Not Wear

Sometimes, the tips regarding what not to do are even more useful than tips of what you should do, particularly when it comes to fashion. By learning the “don’ts” of fashion, you can follow a few specific guidelines and come up with your own style. Here are some things to avoid as we head into the winter months:

Colorful Print Shirts
Credit: Loehmanns

Just about everybody likes to bust out the colorful shirts during the spring and summer, but once the leaves start to fall, it’s time to retire them for the time being. Your fall and winter shirts and sweaters should be much more moderately colored. Plaid is also a clutch choice.

Put the No-Show Socks Away
Credit: DapperQ.com

Maybe you wear no-show socks most of the year, or perhaps you even like to go sockless from time to time. That’s perfectly valid for several months of the year, but is not a good idea from either a functional or fashion standpoint during the winter. Put away the no-show socks for a few months!

Avoid Lightweight Fabrics

Sure, you have that one button-up that’s perfect for cooler summer evenings out and you can barely resist breaking it out on a December day…but try to resist. Linens and other lightweight fabrics are not only bad at keeping your warm during the colder months of the year, but they also just don’t look right when everybody’s gearing up for Christmas or going out for New Year’s Eve.

T-Shirts By Themselves
Credit: cheatsheet.com

You don’t have to put your t-shirts away for the next three months, but even if you’re wearing a jacket, avoid wearing just a t-shirt when going to an event or anywhere else where you’ll be tempted to take your coat off. Even inside where the temperature is controlled, a t-shirt by itself looks out of place in winter. Layer with a sweatshirt, light jacket, or a long-sleeved top.

Easy On The Sneakers

From both a form and function point of view, sneakers aren’t usually up to the task during the winter months. There are some sneakers that pair well with certain jeans, for instance, but most days you’ll want to rock some trendy boots that can not only look good, but stand up to the abuse of the cold and snow.
With these key fashion tips, you’ll be armed to dominate the winter months with your own fashion style. Try to avoid these fashion don’ts and you’ll be looking your best no matter what the weather does.