Here’s What Will Happen Now That Harry and Meghan Have Finally Stepped Down

While many of us were completely shocked when Harry and Meghan announced they were stepping down as senior royals, it seems the dust caused by ‘Megxit’ has finally begun to settle. Now that this massive shock has worn off, its time to look at what will really happen now that the couple have stepped down.
Change in Title
While the pair initially wanted to continue to represent the crown, it seems the couple will no longer be able to represent the Queen at official functions. What that means is Harry and Megs will have to say goodbye to those official royals titles, and now wherever they go and whatever they do, they will be representing themselves and not the royal family. Sadly this also means that the couple can no longer use any royal funding or resources for their day to day lives.
Pay their way
Another significant change is that if the couple wishes to continue to live at Buckingham Palace in their previous residence, they are going to have to pay their own way.

This means they are going to be required to refund the money spent on refurbishing their home and also get special permission from the Queen to stay on.
No more Royal branding
While Harry and Meghan went to a lot of effort to trademark their brand ‘sussexroyal’, it seems the pair will no longer be allowed to use the moniker. This makes sense since they will no longer be allowed to represent the royal family. What this means for their social media accounts and website is not yet clear, but for now, they will have to drop this name come March 31.

It seems the couple and their new family are now well on their way to becoming independent of the royal family.