Celebrities Who Have Major Bad Habits They Can’t Shake

Everyone has habits, even celebrities. There is a wide assumption that famous people are close to perfection and that there is no way in the whole world that they have bad habits. But despite their wealth and fame, they are just humans and are prone to making a mistake just like every single one of us does. From not brushing their teeth to forgetting to flush every time they use the toilet, here are the worst habits of these famous celebrities.

Brad Pitt Avoids Taking Baths

Brad Pitt is one of the most well-known actors in Hollywood, with fans all over the world. But clearly, no matter how famous and seemingly put together the actor is, he is still opposed to taking too many baths.

Fans were stunned to find out that the actor often skips bathing himself for as long as a period of weeks at a time. We are left to wonder if this is true also to showers, as we hope that the actor has at least one way of cleaning himself.

Tom Hanks Really Likes Collecting Typewriters

Having a hobby is often important for a person’s daily life balance, and while there are all sorts of habits out there, collecting things is a common one. Some people collect dolls, others collect books, some collect candles, and Tom Hanks collects typewriters.


Apparently, the iconic actor is completely obsessed with typewriters and has been collecting them for years. It seems like by now he has already collected over 250 typewriters that have a special place in his house. And since we are talking about Tom Hanks, we expect him to continue doing so since he most probably has the means to keep buying typewriters for his collection.

Cameron Diaz Does Not Wear Deodorant

Cameron Diaz used to be everywhere back in the day! We got to constantly see movies coming out with her at the center, and what can we say, we loved it!

Sadly, the actress has since retired from the world of acting and is now focusing on other things in her life. But there is probably one thing that her co-stars are not going to miss about her. Some people have shared that Diaz was never a huge fan of wearing deodorant, with the actress herself once admitting that she hadn’t worn it for more than 20 years.


Tom Cruise Had A Sonogram Obsession

It’s completely normal for a parent to be excited about the process of gestating a baby and seeing that baby being born and growing to be an actual human.

But there are some parents who take it a little bit too far, and as it seems, Tom Cruise is one of them. Apparently, when Katie Holmes was expecting their child together, Tom Cruise bought his very own sonogram machine for $200,000, so he could take a look at the baby every single day.