How To Keep Boredom At Bay If You Are Self Isolating- Part 2

We recently covered an article about simple tricks to keep busy while stuck at home in self-isolation. Whether you are stuck indoors because of the weather or if you are self-isolating for fear of catching the latest virus, its only a matter of time before you get bored out of your skull. Keep scrolling to see some more top tips to help keep you busy at home for a while.
Get Crafty
Stuck indoors and going mad with boredom? Well, then this might be the perfect time for you to show you the creative side. Not only will this keep you occupied, but making something yourself can be quite satisfying. Why not try your hand at paint pouring, resin art, or polymer clay sculpture? If you don’t know how there are plenty of tutorials online on sites like Youtube and Pinterest, and you can easily buy supplies online. This way, you can use your time constructively. You never know, you might find yourself a new hobby.
Check out Youtube
Usually, daily life can be pretty demanding, and we don’t get a chance to wade through the content you can find on Youtube. Surprisingly there are some great YouTubers out there, and you can spend hours catching up on all their content. If you like to watch challenges, giveaways, and funny pranks, then check out channels like Mr. Beast. If you love music and entertaining content, then check out Davie504. There are also plenty of tutorials on youtube, so whether you want to try some guided meditation, learn a new skill or make something, any tutorial you can think of is available
Practice meditation
This one may come in handy if you find being cooped up indoors is getting to you.

If you are new to meditating, then there are plenty of useful apps available to help you get your karmic cleanse. Remember that when you meditate to not let your mind wander and take the time just to be quiet with yourself. If meditation is not for you, then why not explore the exciting world of ASMR videos on Youtube. These cooky videos are filled with sound triggers that have been known to create a tingling sensation in the body and instant relaxation. So grab some earphones, find a video, and lie back and be moved by the sound.
Get things in perspective
Too often, we can get swept up in the hustle and bustle of life, and slowly we may lose perspective. When life is busy, we often put off thinking about our futures for later. Having extra time on your hands is an excellent opportunity to re-evaluate your life and think about your goals. Grab a notebook and jot down the things you want to achieve and create a goal roadmap. This way, you can plan for your future in achievable ways. If you want to travel the world, add it to the list of goals and think of all the attainable steps to make it happen.

If you want to build your career and finally get that corner office, then create a five-year action plan and think about the ways you can make your dreams happen. Setting things out on paper can really help you evaluate things an also help you start working towards the items you want to achieve.