Kourtney Kardashian’s Son in Hot Water After Sharing Family Secrets on Social Media

It seems the oldest of Kris Jenner’s grandkids are now getting old enough to cause grandma problems. Kourtney’s oldest son, Mason Dash Disick, had a recent dalliance with social media and it seems young Disick shared information Granny hadn’t approved for release yet.
Fans of Keeping Up With the Kardashian will remember how it was just yesterday when the world was introduced to young Mason. Viewers saw everything from his birth (including the cringe-worthy footage of the delivery room) to every moment of his childhood. In fact, sources close to the Kardashian clan revealed how as Mason got older he had to adjust his school schedule to make time for filming for the show and its many spin-offs. Imagine being pulled out of school because you have to film shots for your mom’s reality show! Poor Mason has had his life broadcasted from the very beginning.

Therefore, it was pretty much expected that as Mason got older he would have just as much social media presence as his famous family. Well, it seems 10-year-old Mason may have jumped the gun on that one and started his own accounts and unwittingly shared intimate family deets. Naturally Momager Kris and health-conscious mama bear Kourtney was not very happy about this.
Mason started an on one of the more popular social media sights where he unwittingly announced to fans that his Aunt Kylie and Travis were not really back together. Mom Kourtney quickly kicked Mason off the site, but it was too late, the word was already out. Apparently Kourtney and Scott felt that 10 was just too young for Mason to be on social media.

Judging by recent research that’s a smart move by these famous parents. However, Mason was soon live on another platform going viral before his profile was once again deleted. It seems little Mason might be a handful.