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Kristen Bell Almost Spilled The Beans On Frozen 2


Kristen Bell is an accomplished actress who is best known for her role as Veronica Mars, Sarah in ‘Forgetting Sarah Marshal’ and as voicing Princess Anna in the Frozen movies. Well, when the second Frozen saga was greenlit by the studios’, Bell was excited to reprise her role as Princess Anna. Little did she know however that she would soon be spilling the beans on all the movie spoilers.
Recently the star revealed that she had almost ruined the release of Disney’s latest Frozen movie and risked the wrath of Disney’s finest lawyers. Disney is well known for their harsh treatment of staff who give spoiler of upcoming films and even though she had not intended to do it, Kristen almost ruined the movie for everyone. You see, after receiving the script Kristen was excited to read it and see what happened next. As soon as she arrived home Kristen wanted to be the cool mom so she sat down with her young daughters and told them everything that happened.

Kristen’s daughters, Delta and Lincoln are huge fans of the Frozen movies and couldn’t wait for all the juicy details. It wasn’t until several hours later that Kristen realized that by telling her daughters the entire movie plot she could be in serious trouble. There was little to no chance that Delta and Lincoln would keep these new details to themselves and come first thing the next morning, Kristen’s young girls would be telling all their friends the juicy details.
Thinking on her feet the actress had to desperately sit her daughters down and convince them not to tell anyone what she had told them. Kristen had to take drastic measures to prevent her kids from leaking the details she had told them. So, she sat them down and convinced them that all their teeth would fall out if they told anyone what she had told them.

Now, this might sound like a crazy thing to say to your kids but this was high stakes. Thankfully the kids listened and the movie was released without a hitch. Hopefully, Kristen will know better in the future.