Lady Gaga and Fan Fall From Stage

We’ve all watched videos of celebrities falling off the stage and usually it’s because of faulty floorboards, unusual stage shape or unsensible footwear. However, it’s never caused by a fan picking performers up, twirling them around and dropping them off the stage. Sadly, that is exactly what happened to lady Gaga recently when a fan picked her up during a performance.
Hoping that it would be a great opportunity for a fan vs Gaga collaboration, Lady Gaga invited the enthusiastic fan up onto the stage to join her for a duet. Trouble is the fan who was so overwhelmed with joy that he instead decided to embrace the singer, twirl her around and then promptly lost his footing. When the dust settled and the stagehands swooped in, the ‘Mother Monster’ was found lying in pain beneath the unfortunate fan.

Naturally, the whole affair was caught on camera from multiple angles and the internet was atwitter with the news of the fall as fans and news agencies alike posted pictures. After the shock of the incident, Gaga managed to dust herself off and carried on with the show and she didn’t let the embarrassment or her injuries get her down. Obviously, the fan had dropped her accidentally and was mortified that he had injured his pop hero.
Gaga supporters were left confused about how a fan had made their way on stage with the Grammy winner. It turned out that she had been moved by a letter he had given her and was really trying to do a good thing for her fan. That just goes to show how far Lady Gaga will go to connect with her audience and make a fan’s dreams come true. But sadly this kind act really cost the singer who had previously been plagued by health concerns.

In the recent Netflix original documentary, it was revealed that Gaga often suffered from debilitating pain that resulted from her strenuous performances and the star had to employ a full-time physiotherapist. Riddled with pain, fans were heartbroken to discover that Lady Gaga had been silently suffering. To make things worse, after this latest incident, it was evident that the singer was in pain from the fall. In order to stem the world’s fears that the actress/singer/goddess was badly injured, Gaga made sure to show pics of her recovery after the fall.
Gaga shared snapshots of her recovery and her disclosure was commendable, The pics shared by the pop star show that although Gaga was really hurting she was going to extraordinary lengths to heal and prepare for her next tour.

She is a real trooper and hopefully, fans appreciate all lady gaga does so that the show can go on!