Life-Changing Career Advice For Ambitious Women


It’s 2018 and women in the workplace are still undervalued. The US and European countries have gender pay gaps that still reflect an outdated and frankly, eye-roll-inducing patriarchal work climate. Feminist rants aside, being an ambitious woman in a world which still deems your male counterparts more worthy and financially valuable can be a daily hardship. Here are some of the most relatable and heartfelt pieces of career advice for women on the rise.

Be confident. So often, women are passed over for positions because they simply lack the confidence to deem themselves worthy enough to be considered. Your voice, your intellect, your capacity – they matter. If you’re applying for a new job, hoping for a promotion or asking for a raise, do it with the same easy confidence that men seem to so effortlessly possess in professional environments.

Ask for help. Women are seemingly hyper-aware of appearing incapable or weak in the workplace. An unfortunate side effect of this fear is an unwillingness to ask for help. Asking for help when you’re unsure of something shows strength and initiative. It is the easiest way to learn, grow and expand your skill set.

Become comfortable with being uncomfortable. Growth and comfort never seem to co-exist. Making big and bold moves in your career path can be daunting. Carry yourself with the reassuring knowledge that anything truly worth doing inspires just a little discomfort.

Wear your ambition with pride. For women, ambition and assertiveness are often conflated with unattractive hostility. This is utter nonsense. You have the same right to be heard, to be taken seriously and to be empowered as anybody else. Your confidence and your ambition should be reflective of your worth, not diminish it.

Find balance. There is a fine line to be tread when finding a work and life balance that works best for you. You need to find adequate time and space to enjoy the experiences and the people in your world that give your life meaning. Women can be mothers, lovers, sisters, CEOs, presidents, and entrepreneurs. Divide your time, follow your gut and delegate when necessary.