3 Iconic Girl Power Flicks You Should Rewatch!

It’s 2019 and it’s officially the year of the woman. We’re living in a celebrated historic moment where female power, diversity, strength and talent is being recognized and celebrated. In the spirit of girl power, here are three of our favorite retro movies that showcase empowered fun, fabulous female characters!

Thelma & Louise 

There are few things more iconic than Susan Sranadon and Geena Davis speeding down a stretch of road in a pale blue convertible. Thelma & Louise is the story of two woman who try to evade the law, and the patriarchy, on a cross-country road trip with an unforeseen end. Geena plays fragile and meek housewife, Thelma, who is shackled within a miserable marriage. Louise is played by Sarandon, she’s feisty, headstrong and an unapologetic bad ass. Young Brad Pitt, in all his chiselled glory, also makes a fleeting but oh-so-memorable appearance.

The First Wives Club

This highly rewatchable, fabulous film is not simply a revenge story, it’s a journey of self-worth and a lesson in self-love. Three college friends find themselves in a middle-aged slump when all of their husbands leave them for younger women. In a bid to get even, the three band together, take down their former loves all the while doing their bit for disenfranchised women everywhere. Who could resist the iconic nineties charms of Diane Keaton, Bette Midler and Goldie Hawn?

Erin Brockovitch 

The year 2000 brought us many things, one of which was yet another classic Julia Roberts film. Erin Brockovitch tells the real life story of one single mother’s take down of a multi-million dollar company. Brockovitch delves into an in-depth investigation that ultimately reveals the concealed wrongdoing of a major gas company. Roberts rightfully took home that year’s Best Actress Academy Award for the fierce and inspiring role of Brockovitch.