Effortless Ways to Introduce Black into your Home Space

Black is back. The darkest midnight shade is triumphantly making its way into on-trend home spaces. Toying with dark shades in your living room, kitchen or bedroom might sound daunting, but if approached cautiously with a touch of sophistication, darker tones can make for a gorgeous and dramatic atmosphere. Here are our best tips for introducing black into your home.

Accent it!
If you’re hesitant to experiment with dark hues, start small. Use carefully curated black accents to add elegance and theatrical flair to your home. Think about using black ornaments, black kitchenware, black photo frames featuring black and white images or the occasional black throw pillow. Play with varied textures and lines for a visually-enthralling space.


Color Play
Be sure to pair dark tones with lighter shades to subdue, ground or elevate the look. Partner black with white for a classic and effortless color combination. Use beige, wooden and textured features and finishes to give the dark shade a neutral touch. For our more daring readers, opt for a splash of vivid color, like red or forest green. Using indoor greenery is an ideal way to add varied shades of color.


Feature Furniture
A fresh lick of paint can easily transform a tired piece of furniture. Pull on your dungarees and do a little home DIY project. Sand down an old chair or wooden table and paint it black or deep charcoal. We prefer matte options rather than a paint with a shiny finish. You’ll be awed by how a dramatic piece of feature furniture can transform a space.




Black Out
This may sound outlandish, but painting your walls black is definitive new decor trend. Black walls make every other feature in the room pop. The shade also adds depths to your spaces, making rooms appear larger than they truly are. A master bedroom or a kitchen can look effortlessly chic in hues of black. Use pale touches, bright lighting, and white subway tiles to keep the space fresh.



Bathroom Beauty
We know that classical bathroom design is almost always dominated by pale porcelain and shades of white. But black in the bathroom is in! Think dark marble and dark toweling paired with demure gold fixtures. This will create an easy sense of glamor, with a unique art deco atmosphere.