Shows To Binge-Watch This Thanksgiving Weekend

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina
Unlike earlier adaptations of the story of Sabrina, this TV adaptation of the Archie comics characters is dark and menacing. With a great cast and chilling plot twists, this new spin on an old tale is sure to have you hooked this thanksgiving. You can watch season 1 and 2 on Netflix if you dare.

This classic comedy show is sure to entertain this holiday, and if you cannot commit to watching every episode then why not skip to the Thanksgiving episodes.No turkey day is complete without binge-watching the ‘Friends’ Thanksgiving episodes and this nostalgic favorite is guaranteed to make your holiday complete.

Shows To Binge-Watch This Thanksgiving Weekend

This great new comedy on Hulu follows the lives of store employees in a fictional big-box store. If your focus this Thanksgiving is the sales on Black Friday and Cyber Monday then you might want to catch up with the characters of this show as they get up to mischief while trying to meet the demands of management and customers. You never know, it could give you a new perspective on being a store employee.

American Vandal
This great show puts a whole new comedic spin on the classic true-crime format. The series follows characters as they struggle to uncover the truth behind a criminal conspiracy involving a high school kid, some spray paint and graffiti.

This series is what happens when comedy writers take the format from ‘Making a murderer’ and apply it to the saga of El Barto from ‘The Simpsons’ and the end result is hilarious. If you are looking for something hilarious and not as heavy as a traditional drama then this show comes highly recommended.