Our Ultimate Tips for Dating Online

It’s the 21st Century and finding love has gone digital. Forget those elaborate dreams of meeting someone on a bus, brushing hands with a blue-eyed stranger in a library or mistaking your soy cappuccino for his. The days of the cute-meet are long gone. Men and women are taking their search for love, and sex, to their cell phones. Dating apps are how it’s done these days, and whether you’re a hater or an avid swiper, we suggest you get on board. Here is our helpful guide to navigating the strange world of dating apps.

Our Ultimate Tips for Dating Online

It’s All About the Bio
Before you get swiping, you’ve got to set up your account. Contrary to popular belief, your pictures are not all that matters. Be clear and fun in your bio. State what you’re looking for and perhaps list a few of your favorite activities. If you’re picky about short or tall guys, it might be helpful to include your height.

Quality over Quantity
Be selective! You wouldn’t scan a bar and walk up to some guy you only find moderately attractive. Swipe right on the men you truly find intriguing and will actually be willing to chat to.

Be Bold
There is something to be said about a woman with confidence. We are no longer passive observers in the realm of dating – take action! Do not be afraid to initiate the conversation, a man who is intimidated by a woman who knows what she wants is not someone you want to waste your time on.

Go with Your Gut
Dating online is all about going with your instinct. If the guy makes you cringe over text, he’s sure to be a catastrophe in person. Figure out what feels organic, what feels authentic and what feels right for you.

Get Real
This is one of our most pertinent suggestions. If things are going well, do not spend days, or weeks, busying yourself with banter. Meet in real life! It’s the quickest way to gauge whether there is any actual chemistry between you two.