London’s Coolest Killer Workout Classes

London’s health and fitness scene is where it is at. With an abundance of new trendy workout classes and boutique gyms, here are the best classes to try, and to be seen at.
Barry’s Bootcamp
With gyms worldwide, this is a workout known to kick your butt and then some. This is the dark room where everything becomes possible. If you want to transform your body with some of the city’s best trainers, this is where it is at. The workout is designed for efficiency.  It combines intervals and strength training that just by looking at the people around you, are proven to lean and tone your body. There’s an infectious energy in the room that pushes you and gets you in that zone. It is worth a try. Reward yourself after with a post workout smoothie.
Core Collective
This is the trendy gym in the chic area of Kensington, where socialites and reality television stars go to be seen, and to take their post-workout selfie in the changing room mirror. Yet don’t let this put you off, it’s resistance classes are hard core and definitely worth a try. This modern gym also has a delicious healthy cafe, that you absolutely must go to. The protein waffles are definitely worth a Instagram post.
London’s latest boxing gym, this class is not for the faint hearted.  The trainers will get you in the ring and put you through your paces. They offer boxing lessons, boxing fitness and boxing classes for all abilities.
This elite spin studio offers hard core spin classes, with fun hip hop music. The class is unlike a typical cycle class, it features using weights and your own body weight throughout the session. The trainers are enough to get you motivated, and the smoothie bar is an enticing treat to yourself after the class. Go for the Tap Back.